Plainsong Album


“Hymns are companions for life travellers”

Andy Griffith

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When listening to old hymns, we see how much thought and care was put into writing and composing music in the years gone by. For me, I developed an appreciation for hymns while I was in boarding school in Ooty, India – where we would sing these beautiful hymns and I used to be amazed at the how much we could learn from these songs. It was always a dream of mine to make an album someday, and I’m so glad I could do it by re-singing some of these beautiful hymns. For more details on the hymns, their stories and why we selected these particular hymns, do check the respective song pages.


The oldest of the hymns chosen for this album were two hymns written in the 1600s. How amazing that we can still sing the same tunes and the same words from hundreds of years ago, and it can still speak to us.


As you listen to this album, use it in your time of meditation where you can listen to the beautifully crafted lyrics and music as they either lament or praise God just as the psalmist does in the book of Psalms.


Imagine you and I were sitting around a bonfire and singing together – that’s exactly what we want you to feel like as you listen to the songs in this album. Raw, real music that focuses on the joys and sorrows of life and how we deal with it through the help of God. .


hymns that draw

from the personal hardships

their authors faced

  • Master the Tempest is Raging written in 1874 by Mary Ann Baker
  • O love that wil not let me go written in 1882 by George Matheson
  • All praise to Thee My God This Night by Thomas Ken
  • What wondrous Love is this (first published in 1811) by William Walker
  • His eye is on the Sparrow written in 1904 by Civilla Martin
  • Come Thou Fount written in 1758 by Robert Robertson
  • My Song is Love Uknown written in 1664 by Samuel Crossman
  • He will Hold Me Fast written in 1906 by Ada Habershon 


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Plainsong by Zippora Madhukar

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