Why Hymns?

Well, you either love hymns or you don;t like them at all! Growing up in a Christian family, we heard a lot of hymns – right from Mahalia Jackson’s old records playing, to the loud hymn-singing when we attended church. However, it wasn’t until I started going to a British Boarding School, where we sang different hymns every assembly, when I really read the words (and it was probably also an age when I could try to understand what they really meant! All the ‘old English’ can be confusing). After that, I really loved reading the beautifully penned hymns. And what always amazed me was the fact that they still spoke so much to us today, even though times have changed over the few hundred years since they were written.!

Hymns hold such a rich, beautiful language, and also the musical side of hymns are very rich, beautifully put together chords and progressions that we don’t really have today. So, we thought it was a good idea to have the album be only hymns …. and very very stripped back and bare. Something like how it would be around a bonfire, or just someone singing the songs as a devotion to God – without an audience.

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