Lockdown Day#17. We have quite a few animal lovers in our family, and so, when it was suggested to do a story on pets and animals during this season, I thought it would be a great idea. After hearing some very sad stories of pets left to fend for themselves on the streets because of this virus (don’t ask me why!), here is a kind soul standing on a street corner and pouring some water for some street animals,

We first thorught we would do one image with a girl stuffing her face, while someone feeds the dogs, but it seemed a bit distracting… and maybe a little mean to the girl!

Matt made the water ‘bubble top’ which I thought was so real-looking, and he staged everything in this picture – I just moved the figures according to the lighting. Luca made the carrot for the little kitten. We used only lego and aluminium foil for this photo.

once it got darker, you can see the phone torch light being used with a slow shutter speed here…

If you have a spare basin, please do fill some water and leave it on the street corner for these animals – some have had people feeding them on a regular basis, but are now left stranded. Thankfully, the animals in our neighbourhood seem to be very well cared for – but please do keep an eye out if you can ­čÖé

This was pretty much the final image, made in camera, with just a few corrections to the lighting

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