‘Plainsong’ Album Release – July 8th

This is something we’ve wanted to do for so long, and I’m so excited to share this news with you on this day when I complete 40 years on this planet! :p So… today I’d like to announce my very first solo album. Timmy and I have been thinking about this for a long time and discussed it many times, but we somehow never really got into the ‘doing’ phase – only the talking! However, this year, after he recovered from Covid 19 and after the lockdown, and realising that life was so fragile and so fleeting, we decided that we will try and launch the album on my birthday.

We knew that we wanted a very minimalistic sounding album – nothing fancy, just a chilled out album, with the focus on the original lyrics and music which were composed so many years ago but which are so rich in melody and in truth.

Physical CD Album releasing soon! CDs available for Rs.200/- for Chennai residents only.

We were so excited to have these three amazing guitarists on board for this project. Each one of them have added such a magical influence on the whole album.

Donan Murray – the man who makes the guitar sing! Some of what Donan played was so magical and the tunes play in my head over and over long after the song is done. I’m so grateful he could part of this project, and I’m thankful for his expertise and suggestions that he added.

To hear more of Donan’s work, click here:

Ebenezer Premkumar – we’re so thankful to Eby for his enthusiasm in this project, it was a joy to work with him, and his musical contribution added a lovely layer of artistry to an otherwise simple project.

To know more about Eby, you can find him here:

Elvis Gabriel – Elvis has the knack of sinking himself into a song, and drawing out all the possible tunes that one could use to add that particular dash of soulfulness to a song.

You can listen to more of Elvis’ music here:

After all the musicians and singers put down their work, the next task comes to a very significant person – the Sound Guy! So thankful to Sean for his work on this.

Sean Bout – this was meant to be a simple, plain, easy project, but we realised that ‘simple’ meant we had to be very precise and careful with the few elements that were there! Sean added his brilliant touch of mixing and mastering to the whole project. If the guitars are heard well and the vocals sound good, a lot is due to his hard work!

Check out Sean’s Youtube Channel here:

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  • STewes

    Love, love, love everything about this album. You’ve brought out the meaning of the words so well with your lovely voice and the attention to detail by the musicians and tech team is impeccable. Please make many more albums. ❤️

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