Sometimes we either can’t or even don’t want to see the full picture. We’re caught up with what happens in and around us. I tend to be like this very often – fussed on what is happening around me and I fail to see the needs of those around me and I need to learn to take a step back and see the whole picture.
This is one of my favourite hymns (not just because one of the meanings of my name ‘Zippora’ means Sparrow : but)) because of just how simple and relatable the lyrics are.

“Though by the path he leadeth, but one step I may see; His eye is on the sparrow, And I know He watches me;”


Sometimes we may not be able to see the whole picture – we just see the ‘one step’ before us, and that’s okay! That’s when we learnt to trust and to let go of our inhibitions and take things one step at a time.

The following photos are from when we visited a friend’s house in the middle of a jungle in the state of Kerala. It was wild and it was so serene at the same time. Wildly beautiful! We didn’t encounter any wild animals, but we did see so many types of plants and birds and insects. It was such a great time. I’ve really missed travelling during the pandemic!

I didn’t have any tele lens with me, but I tried zooming in as close as I could for this picture. Don’t know if you can make out what it is….

This rose belonged to a friend’s house in the middle of a forest in Kerala. It seemed a little out of place because it looked so refined and polished compared to the thickets and bushes around it. However, it was blooming and it was so beautiful. There’s a reason that WE are in the environments we are in, and sometimes we may feel as out of place as a rose in the jungle, or as a bush next to a perfect rose, BUT He watches over you, and knows exactly why you are there. Take heart!

We managed to get this shot before the rain set in! We had walked down to the lake and wanted to go for a walk, but the coming of the rain sent us on our way home again, where we enjoyed a nice hot cup of chai!

Can you spot the chameleon? He had been sitting on the wall (Seen to the left of the pic) and because I followed him, he ran away to the trees and was slowly changing from the colour of the wall to the colour of the sand around him! Such an amazing creature. It’s so beautiful to watch how he slowly adapted to his surroundings.

I’ve cropped the pic and tried to make it as clear as I could, but do you see the beautiful parrots sitting on the tree? They look almost like leaves themselves! We can’t always see what something is made up of, or why we are in a certain situation – we don’t see the details, and that’s okay, because He is watching over me.

This was a random bird that we saw while on our trip. I just happened to catch it on my camera. This picture goes well with this hymn too.

We drove up a bit higher and were able to look down into this beautiful valley. The evening mist made everything up close seem really clear and the things that were far off were a mystery, swathed in clouds of the unknown. We sometimes only see the step right in front of us, not knowing what the future brings. But He sees it all, and He watches over us, to make sure we don’t take a wrong turn.

I was trying to be as quiet and discreet as possible, but he ran away into the trees. Check out that colour! When protecting himself, he blends in, but when he stands out, what a stunner he is!

I hope this reminds you that even though we can’t see the full picture sometimes – we can rest easy in the assurance that God sees the full picture and will give us the grace to change and adapt to our surroundings (just the like the chameleon!), and like the parrots that we re almost invisible, when we look back at something, or look closer at something, we might be able to learn of the invisible beauty that we are sometimes blind to. May we learn to walk one step at a time – just like the beautiful hymns says.

You can read more about the hymn and history here.
You can listen to a sample of His Eye is On The Sparrow on Bandcamp HERE.