Even Superheroes can get affected. So – let’s protect them by staying home!

This superhero image was actually inspired by my 5 year old. We were talking about our LEGO men and he really thought that the man in the blue suit looked like he was sneezing and then a whole sneezing conversation followed. Then, the next morning, he reminded me that we need to get a picture of the ‘sneezing man’. So, then we kind of came up with this idea of the superheroes and how they,too, would have to stay indoors during these Lockdown times.

BUT – trying to get them to pose was another story….

Either the wind would turn around the guys that were hanging..

Or they didn’t want to participate… :p

Or the little hands holding the characters would get tired!

But we finally got this image, after ‘superimposing’ (!) superman

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