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Letting linens go

This week my focus was on clearing out the linen closet. We keep managing to store all kinds of old towels and cloths that we could, MAYBE, SOMEDAY use as rugs! And the towels and old sheets collect and collect! I somehow forgot to take a ‘before’ picture this week, but you should have seen how high the piles of linen were getting. It was getting a bit ridiculous.

I’ve found that the easiest way to de-clutter a closet is by pulling all the stuff out and sorting through what you want / don’t want, (like we did with the kids book cupboard) assessing how much space you have in the cupboard and deciding how you’re going to put it all back.

So, again, we could pull out things that we haven’t used in the last 1 or 2 years and have given it to someone who needed it.

I organised according to:
Bedsheet size (Single or double)
Towel size (beach, regular, kids)
Other Dish-cloths and napkins in one pile
Tablecloths together (Christmas stuff is stored away in boxes)
And I had a couple of heavy, thicker bed-covers that I put on one side of the cupboard too.

So, we actually shifted some stuff from one room to another, therefore a before/after photo wouldn’t have made sense because they were in different shelves by the time we were done (a COMPLETE makeover :p). But here’s a pic of the shelf we finally put them in.

Nothing very exciting – apart from the fact that it’s been de-cluttered!

I kept some aside for rugs, but I made sure I put them straight into the cupboard (under the sink) where it would be used as rugs. Otherwise the temptation would’ve been to store them in the same cupboard again until needed, and I didn’t want to do that. The point is to get stuff OUT and not add more stuff in!

I’m happy that I could do this, last week. I normally put up the blog posts on Fridays… this week I’m a little behind, but happy that it got done :p

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