Lockdown Day #18. Today’s post was inspired by a first-hand account I heard about kindness in action. Someone I know was travelling from Singapore to Mumbai, and he was stranded in Changi airport with a whole bunch of other Indians (mostly students) who were all hurrying to try and get back to India before the borders closed (on March 19th). Infact, India had already announced that all flights from Singapore were to be cancelled. Thankfully, the govt made special arrangements to transport this group of Indians back home. However, as things kept changing every few minutes, some Indians did not have enough money to buy tickets to reach home.

This one was a tough one to try and light up by myself. Matt helped set this up – with the guy climbing over the other one’s head etc, but to take this pic, I had to wait till they were asleep, so I din’t have an extra set of hands. Initially, I made a hole in the cardboard, to seee if it would work like a strip of lights in a room…. BUT didn’t quite happen!

In the midst of this panic-stricken and bizarre situation they were now in, two complete STRANGERS stepped up and paid for the tickets of four people, so that they could return home! Talk about an act of kindness! I think each ticket was about INR 30,000. Then, after reaching Mumbai, 6 other people still needed money to fly to Delhi, and this person paid for six tickets so they could reach home safely.

This story made quite an impact on me. Maybe you’ve heard other stories of kindness during this time, too?

Another try with different lighting…. trying to hold my camera with one hand, and use any other limbs to hold my phone torch light

I think I made my picture a bit too complicated today! It was a long day for us, so this picture was upto me…Sorry – I meant to show the panic at the airport, and one person (back to camera) holding up money to buy a ticket. Hope you understand it! 🙈😆

I finally pulled my shutter speed down to 10 seconds and ran the light over the whole scene to light everything up… that seemed to work!

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