Lockdown Day #16. Getting cleansed. Many of these disinfection tunnels have been put up all over the country. They say to expect more of these tunnels even after the Pandemic passes, as a way to keep the virus at bay for a while. It’s a way to (hopefully) get rid of germs that may carry the virus, and cleanse us.

You can see my phone leaning against the lego wall on the left, so that the phone torch could add some back light

This period of lockdown has, in a way, been a different kind of cleansing for us as well. A time for us to get rid of the frivolities of life and focus on the essentials and priorities in life ­čÖé We’re thankful for innovative ideas, and people trying to find ways to fight the Coronavirus.

I added a lacey pattern as a shadow, to see if I could get something different, but it didn’t add to the image, so I didn’t use it….

Let’s stay safe, wash our hands, focus on each other, tell stories, make someone laugh and reach out to those in need.

You can see a bit of the spray behind the lego guy here

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