Lockdown Day #15. Today’s is a simple post admiring heroes of another kind. We all know that in a country like India, the govt has a Herculean challenge to try and contain this virus.
Here in Chennai we have some ‘Corona Cops’ – Police Officers who have been very creatively informing people about this virus and trying to raise awareness about it. We should at least appreciate their creativity and applaud them for trying! It’s better than a lathi stick and force – anyday!

This was with the ambient light in the room

If you haven’t read about them yet – here is an article: https://globalnews.ca/news/6767617/coronavirus-helmets-india-police/

After adding some extra light from my phone torch light bounced off an A4 sheet of paper

Sorry I haven’t changed their uniform colour, but… it’s late, and I’m sure you all don’t mind :p!

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