Lockdown Day #14 Today’s post was inspired by an article we read on ‘Lockdown Heroes’ – on doctors and how the fear of infection is very real and still they go to work, come home, stay separated from their family and children (so that they don’t pass the infection) and have recently been ostracised by society – at least here in India, because of what they do as a profession.

Before my boys added the treats for the mama doc in the final image…. before we added her mask, too

In this image is a Mama Doc who longs to spend time with her child but can’t, because of fear of infection. Luca added a pot of custard for the tired Mama (in front of the TV), and Matt added a fan (I would never have thought of that!) and Timothy did most of the building ­čśÇ A true family project.

Mama doc … in a melancholic mood

We thank these heroes who do so much and are thanked so little. If you like you can send this on, or tag a doctor / nurse friend and thank them for their selfless acts and jobs – especially at this time. We are grateful to you <3

A few different views….

unsplash-logoGuillaume Le Louarn

The above was the background image with the stars…

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