Lockdown Day #13. Today’s post was inspired by some heartwarming news which happened a little while ago. When a Pakistani Air Traffic Controller praised the efforts taken by Air India on relief flights, the long-time rival countries found a moment of solidarity in the midst of this pandemic. The ATC not only helped the flight reach Frankfurt faster, but also mentioned that they were ‘proud of you‘, and helped them get through to the Iranian ATC who also gave special permission to use their air space and helped them reach their destination earlier.

Setting up on the terrace

We are grateful to the efforts taken by Air India, Indigo and SpiceJet to aid Indians and others who are in difficult circumstances at this time! #kudos

Link to the article below:

Keeping the flight in the air with a wire…

I got the background off google images labelled for re-use… but I removed most of the content and replaced it with my elements…

Link to the article

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