Lockdown Day #12 Today was just a fun day for the lego girls and boys – because, well sometimes you just have to have fun and splash a bit. This morning Luc said something about a swimming pool and how he would like to go to one (not that we swim much!), and that made me long for the pool too. So, have a splash of fun, everyone. Hope you and yours are well.

Experimenting with water splashes was fun. We actually had a different idea for this day, but it turned out to be quite harsh! So we skipped that idea!

We thought we would have sanitation workers dump people in water to clean them, but it seemed too harsh even though it would’ve been fun for the photos! šŸ¤£

Set up for the final image

The images were pretty shaky as I was trying to spray with one hand and take the photo with the other! But I did get some help along the way – you can seee the boys in the gif above, coming and helping me!

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