Today was our ‘shopping’ day. We avoid going out as much as possible, but we were low on some items, so Timmy went out to buy things.

As I was making my grocery list, I was thinking about how I am so privileged to be able to able to check off things on my list, like fruit, when so many don’t even have the bare essentials.

So many farmers are stuck with lots of produce – crop like watermelon and other summer produce are on the verge of getting rotten due to low manpower and very few machines. I read that the TN govt is making a plan to help them and is also asking them to prepare to plant more crop for the difficult times to come. City-based Tractors and Farm Equipment (TAFE) Ltd on Thursday announced a free tractor rental scheme during the lockdown period.

We tried a few different poses, as usual
Slightly closer…you can see a bit of the ladder peeping over the edge of the bananas
Hmm the lady on the right seems to be giving the banana a hug? :p

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