Today’s image is more a parental concern than a child’s, I suppose. The concept came to me as I was thinking about the future and thinking of so many people watching their hard earned money go ‘into the grave’ as it were, and facing uncertain futures.

This virus is threatening us worldwide, and while it’s tempting to think that money runs the world, I believe its much deeper than that. We need to hold each other up and look out for one another.

We wanted some mud / sand / earth to dig a ‘grave’ for this image, so this little strip of earth served us well.
You can see one of the kids’ crocs here! They also helped to set this up
As you can see – we used monopoly money for the images – then I converted it to Rupees later in PS.
Don’t miss the paper cross that Matt made here… but then he said that his dad’s cross was better…
It’s always good to get a few different angles… ­čÖé
You can see the other cross here… And this is the image we finally used – before adding a filter and changing the notes to Rupees….

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