We heard that India is planning on using train compartments as confined spaces for COVID-19 patients. We thought it was a pretty cool idea. Much more practical and hands-on than some other ideas that have come to light recently… p.s. The lego man on the stretcher seems to be in so much pain that his legs turned around! I didn’t see that until much later, unfortunately.

I’ve added some Behind the Scenes pictures also! Hope you enjoy! One photo is of us sticking the men in the train using Chappati dough, and the other one shows how windy our terrace was while trying to set this up!

The poor patient’s legs were turned backwards for most of the shoot!
Trying to highlight some of the other train passengers by using the phone’s torch light…. Did NOT work very well though!

I also wanted to add credit to the photo I’ve used as a backdrop although its blurred out: Photo by Abhishek Fodikar on Unsplash.

unsplash-logoAbhishek Fodikar

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