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De-clutter Kids Bookshelves

Hmm this one was a bit of a mind-block for me. Sometimes I don’t really want to organise anything because I’m the kind who likes to have a spot or place for EVERYTHING, and if I don’t, then I get very frustrated, so I don’t even begin! BUT I realised that the kids (especially my 7-year-old) were taking books out, and could not put them back in place properly because they didn’t really have a spot to put it back in. Everything was everywhere!



You can see here that the books were just getting put on TOP of the other books instead of in their places. It drove me quite mad. But then, I realised I hadn’t really put them into different topics or anything, so the kids also didn’t know where to put them back.




So, I pulled ALL the books out of the shelves and decided that I’m going to have to segregate them into different categories. I had categories like:

  • Activities Books
  • Lego Books
  • ‘Older’ boy books – Wings of fire series (for my 12-year-old); and others
  • Enid blyton books
  • ‘Younger’ boy books – my 7-year-old still likes to read Noddy and Postman Pat, so we have a bunch of those
  • Bibles and Bible Stories
  • Encycoplaedia and Information books – National Geographic etc
  • A pile of German books
  • And lastly a pile of comic books – Calvin & Hobbes etc and a bunch of Tinkles :)Here is the ‘before’ pic- we had also a box of painting stuff etc and it was taking up a lot of room


Once I removed all the books out and had sorted it into the categories, I lined the shelves with some gift-wrapping paper I had at home. I wish I had some plain colourful paper, but I just used whatever was available at home. Then I arranged the books in blocks. Some standing straight up, and some were in piles, with the spines facing out, so they were easy to find.

I’m not aiming for the books to be kept perfectly, but that the boys would get used to putting them back in their place, and also making sure that all the books get a decent chance of being seen!

Our Lego pic this week was also about book shelves. Tutu’s books were also finding themselves on the floor rather than on the shelves, and here she is trying to put a book back.

Here’s another pic of her during the day 😀


Hope this was helpful. I’m no expert by any means, but this is my journey this year. I hope it helps you on whatever journey you’re on. Have a wonderful weekend!

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