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CDs … to store, 💿 burn or 🔥burn?



Ok, so I don’t literally mean to ‘burn’ CDs… I was trying to be funny and make a joke about the pun ‘burn’ 🤪 To be honest, I was a little scared to tackle the cupboard in which the CDs were stored in. It was the same cupboard where we had stored the electronics, and it also has a whole bunch of other stuff… I’ll try and take a pic of it sometime – which is very hard for me to do, as I hate sharing pictures of my messy house! 🙈


In fact, one of the main reasons I’ve decided to do this, this year, was that I want to have an organised and tidy house so that I won’t be embarrassed if people suddenly drop in! Many times I’ve rushed about like a mad woman, trying to clean up the place before an unexpected guest arrives. It’s better these days, but earlier, before our second son was born, I used to do a lot of craft work, and it ended up on the floor and everywhere… sometimes for days, even. I remember once having to make our (unexpected) guests wait at the door for a few minutes because I was desperately trying to clean the house at the last minute, and I looked like I had been working out when I finally opened the door! I don’t know what they must have thought about me!


Anyways – back to CDs… So, this week, I decided that we will declutter the CD cupboard and sort through the CDs. Now, I know that ‘sorting through all the unnamed CDs could take a week or so, but I wanted to at least go through the damaged and unneeded ones, so we could at least get rid of them. Here’s a post of Tu Tu helping clean the CDs 🙂 


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So I sorted them out as follows:

never been opened CDs (I couldn’t believe I even had these!),

empty cases (no matching CDs),

All the cases WITH Cds in them (I was so happy to see a big pile of these!),

then all the ones that needed to be sorted – (Leave or love?)

and finally the unnamed, ‘homeless’ CDs that I needed to check through again.



After sorting them into these piles, we had to go through them and check whether they were actually usable – for example, did they have to many scratches in them? If so – straight into the bin! It didn’t make sense to keep them. However, after getting rid of the ones we didn’t want, we placed all the ones we did want into these large CD storage bags that we had bought many years ago. It’s neat and it put everything in one place, so we can find it easily when needed. here’s a pic of the DVD holders which stack up quite neatly:



You might notice that one case reads: backup stuff – that’s where I used to backup all my photos from previous shoots etc. I didn’t have enough space on the computer, so I would just burn them to DVDs for safe-keeping.

Now, I also wondered whether or not to keep the inserts, but I decided FOR it, as some of the artwork is very cool, plus I also saved the song order, so I could easily find a song when needed 🙂 here’s a ‘fast-forward’ look at our DVD Holders:



So, that’s what we’ve done (and are still planning to do) with the CDs we want to keep.


Now, I know there are tons of other ideas and solutions to storing DVDs, but I found that many of them don’t work for me – in Chennai, or at least in my house – we tend to have a lot of dust, and I don’t want to be sitting and dusting CDs that I hardly use, so the CD holders were a practical solution for me. However, I know many of you may like to display them or may want other options for CD storage. Do find some options below. Some are made here in India, but others can be made – giving work to your local carpenter 🙂 I’m not affiliated with anyone or anything – just posting tese links because you may like to get some ideas… without getting too distracted on Pinterest :p

Do let me know what you’ve done with your CDs too. I have some very arty friends who could do so much. Hopefully I can update with some new ideas from them 🙂


Have a wonderful week everyone – until next week! Next week’s de-cluttering project is a toughie for me! Hope we finish it!

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