About Me

Hello there!

Your life. Your Art.


Welcome to my humble home on the internet. Here you will find expressions of art (more specifically, photography and singing) which is my way of conveying what I see and feel around me. I hope that what you see and hear will leave a positive impact on you and your life in some way! Do let me know your thoughts. I believe that it is important for us to voice out what we learn from the world around us and in doing so, see how we can enrich each others’ lives

I am based in Chennai, India and live here with my husband and two sons. Music and art are very important to me, but what is equally important is how we live our lives. Honesty, truth and originality are values that are important to me. I try to speak up for the things that I believe in, and I hope to live my life worthy of my community, family and most of all my God and Saviour Jesus Christ

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