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2022 – The Plain Challenge

After releasing the Plainsong Album last year, it challenged me to make a lot of other things in my life ‘plain’! For example – de-cluttering my house. We have tons and tons of just ‘stuff’ that we have collected over the years… I don’t think of myself as a hoarder, but I do like having ‘stuff’ 😀 However, after watching some documentaries on minimalism, as well as reading some good articles on it, I have really been asking myself How much stuff do I actually need? The husband and I have been doing a lot of ‘letting go’ and ‘spring cleaning’ over the last few months and it’s been so great to be able to clear space in our apartment. We would feel so much lighter after having given stuff away. So this year, I’m challenging myself to really focus on this aspect of ‘de-cluttering, ‘un-complicating’ and simplifying’ my life. I hope that whatever I learn through this year brings value to some of you and maybe even challenges you to live a ‘plainer’ life. So, lookout for the #plainziptips (:p), ideas, thoughts, fails, challenges, and of course our Lego photography, as we step into this new year of 2022!


Here’s to a ‘Plain and Simple’ 2022!



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